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Labor will remain united and continue to work to protect the interests of America’s working families.—William Burrus

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Your Morning Addiction 12/09/2012- News You Might Have Missed
Posted On: Dec 10, 2012

Your Morning Addiction: Weekend Edition


Monday: Hold on…I’m still hung over…

Fox Commentator: Abused Women Should Just Make Better Decisions by Tiffany Willis:

Wow. Who would make this irresponsible and alarming statement? Was there a guest on the show? Rush Limbaugh? Todd Akin? Glenn Beck? Read more

Ann Coulter Attacks Latinos, Ignores Reality by Kimberley Johnson:

Ann Coulter wants to sell more of her books, so she attacked the Latino population on her website. In her column, titled AMERICA NEARS EL TIPPING POINTO, Coulter paints a picture of a lazy “underclass” of Hispanics who are looking for handouts. Read more

Young Boy Killed By His Father Outside Gun Store by Wendy Gittleson:

In what appears to have been an accidental discharge, seven-year-old Craig Allen Loughrey was struck by a bullet from his father, Joseph V. Loughrey’s (age 44) .9mm Taurus handgun. The gun apparently discharged when the boy’s father was trying to put it  in the car’s console. Read more


49% Of Republicans Polled Blame Non-Existent ACORN For Obama Victory by jvoigt79:

The culture of ignorance that has been cultivated by the GOP over the last thirty years is absolutely astounding. I’m sure many of you remember the study that showed Fox News viewers were actually less informed than people that watched no news at all; the PPP poll is yet another symptom of the greater illness that infects the GOP. Read more

Pro-Choice Agenda And Gays Responsible For War On Christmas (VIDEO) by Justin Acuff:

What do godless heathens, homosexual individuals and those who are pro-choice have in common? They’re all responsible for this heinous war on Christmas, says Bill O’Reilly and the guests on his show a couple of days ago. Read more

Florida Teen Dies In State Facility After Removed From Mother’s Care by Tiffany Willis:

I had her for 14 years – cared (for) and loved her,” Freyre said. “And you have her … in prison, in the hospital. … Then, in (12) hours, you took her down to Miami and she died,” Freyre added. “And I want the truth of this to come out. I want justice.” Read more

Job-Destroying CEOs Demand Even Bigger Tax Breaks To ‘Fix’ The Debt by David K. Keene:

Some of America’s most powerful CEOs have banded together to push for solutions to America’s “debt problem.” Generally speaking, when these guys decide to put big money into a political and PR campaign, we should all be sure to look under the hood and see what’s really going on. Read more

Religious Extremism At West Point by Nathaniel Downes:

West Point has lost one of its finest cadets, but the United States is better for him being there. Some have compared him to Rosa Parks, the first woman to say “no” to prejudice in the south. Only time will tell, but this is an important first step forward in the march to save the United States. Read more

Michigan Legislature Sneaks Anti-Abortion Bills Through Lame Duck Session by T. Steelman:

While the media was, rightly, covering the expressions of outrage at the Michigan legislature’s anti-worker, anti-Union showpiece last Thursday, some other bills got pushed through. The Republican legislature took full adavantage of the lame duck session by jamming through blatantly partisan, anti-abortion laws. Read more

Anti-Obama Film Denied Academy Consideration – Conspiracy Blamed by Dave Dreher:

Passed around in tea party circles and playing nationally in theaters for almost a whole day, the film enjoyed a small but loyal following made up almost entirely of Fox News viewers.  Soon after Fox quit talking about it, the film vanished from sight, till today. Read more

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